Register in the 'Expeditionary' Convention

The great moment to register for the "Expeditionary" Convention arrived!

So send us an e-mail at with:

Complete name
bookcrossing screen name
City - Country you come from
Contact phone

As we plant a lot of different things, we would like you to tell us if you want to participate at the following activities:

a) Tsipouroposia (a drinking TSIPOURO and tasting MEZEDES experiance at a typical TSIPOURADICO, typical local, Volos is famous for! To understand what we mean have a look at the photos here  (extra costs)

b) REBETICO BAR (typical greek music dancing bar with live music, the greek way of having fun) or something like it (extra costs)

c) Tour of the Archaeological Museum of Volos (no extra cost)

d) Tour of the Ancient Theatre Demetrias (no extra cost)

The cost to attend this Convention is 10 € and as you know from past Conventions, it serves to ensure your Convention bag and "formalize" your participation in individual activities of the Convention.
Bank accounts that you can make your deposit are as follows:
-------------------------------------------------- ------------
Bank: EFG Eurobank Ergasias
Account number: 0026.0190.61.0100369662
IBAN: GR2602601900000610100369662
-------------------------------------------------- ------------
Bank: Alpha Bank
Account number: 312002101053292
IBAN: GR6701403120312002101053292
-------------------------------------------------- ------------
Bank: National Bank
Account number: 30862316327
IBAN: GR7401103080000030862316327
-------------------------------------------------- ------------
The name of the beneficiary in all three accounts are: Christos Salatas
Please specify as reason your full name.

We all know how important the organization is in terms of knowing the number of participants in time, so please the entry form and deposit of money to be made no later than May 18.
So Hurry up!

We are waiting for you to be here with us!

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